Vedic Maths Teachers Training Program

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The Vedic Math School, Primary aim is to “Make Maths Easy” for each class of the student. We are leading organisation and known for the development, research and training on the Vedic Mathematics. We are working since 2014.



The Vedic Math School, Primary aim is to “Make Maths Easy” for each class of the student. We are leading organisation and known for the development, research and training on the Vedic Mathematics. We are working since 2014.

What you will Learn

  • You will get to know, what is Vedic mathematics.
  • You will know the difference between Vedic Math and Normal Math.
  • By the end of the session you would be eager to solve more of these kinds of Mathematical problem.
  • By the end of each topic you will get a good grasp on the modules that have been taught in this course.
  • Your calculation speed will be increase.
  • Have Fun with Math! Get rid of your math phobia.
  • You will be able to calculate Numbers Calculation in mind.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    Welcome to the Vedic Maths Course
  • What is Vedic maths?
    Introduction to Vedic Maths
    History of Vedic Maths
    Applications of Vedic Maths
  • Introduction to Vedic Math Sutras
    Knowledge of Vedic Maths Sutras/ Aphorism
    Power of sub-Sutras to understand Vedic Maths
  • Ten Point Circle
    What is Ten Point Circle?
    Concept and Use of Ten Point Circle.
  • Vedic Number System
    The Vedic Numerical Code
    Indian Counting System
  • Vedic Methods of Addition
    Introduction with Addition
    Addition without carry forward
    Addition with Series of 9’s
    Addition of Rational Number
  • Vedic Methods of Subtraction
    General Vs Vedic Method of Subtraction
    Subtraction from Numbers Likes 100, 1000, 10000
    If Numbers are in Decimal form
  • Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication (Urdhva-Tiryagbhyam Method)
    Multiplication of Two Digit Number
    Multiplication of Three Digit Number
    Multiplication of Four Digit Number
    Multiplication of Five Digit Number and So on
    Mix Digit Multiplication
    Vertical and Crosswise Multiplication of Decimal Numbers
  • Tables from 1 to Any Number
    Table from 1 to 9
    Tables from 10 to Any Number
  • Base Value Multiplication ( Nikhilam Method )
    Base Value Multiplication with Primary Base 10
  • Base Value Multiplication with Primary Base 20, 30, 40, 50, and So on
    Base Value Multiplication with Primary Base 100, 200, 300, and So on
    Base Value Multiplication with Primary Base 1000, 10,000, and So on
  • Secondary Base Value Multiplication ( Nikhilam Method )
    Secondary Bases of 150
    Secondary Bases of 250, 350, 450 and So on
  • Simplification using Vedic Maths
    Multiplication of Numbers whose sum of Unit Place is 10 And the ten’s Place is the Same.
    Multiplication of Numbers whose sum of Ten’s Place is 10 And the Unit Place is the Same.
    Multiplication with 5, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125
    Division of Any Number by 5, 25,50,75, 100, 125
  • Operations with 9
    Multiplication with a series of 9s
    Multiplication of Decimal Numbers
    Multiplication of Any Numbers who is Ending with 9.
  • Operations with a Series of One
    Multiplication with 11
    Multiplication with 111
    Multiplication with Series of 1
  • Multiplication Based on Algebraic Formula
    Multiplication Based on (a^2-b^2 )
    Multiplication Based on (a^2-b^2 ) Second Method
  • Multiplication with Particular Numbers
    Multiplication of Numbers from 1 to 10
    Multiplication of Numbers with 11 to 20
    Multiplication of Numbers 21 to so on
  • Bar Numbers / Mishrank / Vinculum
    What is Bar Number / Mishrank / Vinculum
    Conversion to Mishrank
    Conversion from Mishrank
    Addition by using bar Number
    Subtraction by using bar Number
    Multiplication by using bar Number
    Division by using bar Number
    Square by using bar Number
    Cube by using bar Number
  • Metric Conversion
    Speed Method of Metric Conversion
  • Mismatched Digits Matched Operation
    Addition of Numbers with the Same Digits but Different Places
    Subtraction of Numbers with the Same Digits but Different Places
  • Mental Groceries Problem Calculations
    General Mistake
    Method to Think about Problem
  • Vedic Methods of Division
    Conventional Division Method
    Division by 9
    Division by 8 etc
    Division by 99, 98 etc
    Divisor below a base Number
    Two-figure answers
    Divisor Above a Base Number
  • Straight Division
    Division by a flag of one digit (no remainder)
    Division by a flag of one digit (with remainder)
    Division with Adjustments or Bar Number
    Division with a flag of 2 digits
    Division with a flag of 3 digits
  • Auxiliary Fractions
    Divisors ending with 9
    Divisors ending with 8
    Divisors ending with 7
    Divisors ending with 6
    Divisors ending with 1
    Divisors ending with 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Fractions
    Vertically And Crosswise
    A Simplification
    Comparing Fractions
    Unification Of Operations
    Factorization Using Vedic Maths
    Factorization (of simple quadratics)
    Factorization (of harder quadratics)
    Factorization of Cubic etc
  • Lowest Common Factor – LCM
    What is Multiple and How do Find Multiple?
    About Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
    How to Find LCM ?
    LCM of Fraction
    LCM of Decimal Numbers
  • Highest Common Factor – HCF
    What is Factor and How do Find Factors?
    How do Find the Highest Common Factor (HCF)?
    HCF of Fraction
    HCF of Decimal Numbers
  • Square (Varga) of Any Number
    Square of Numbers Using Urdhwa tiryak Method
    Square of Numbers ending with 5
    Finding The Square of Number from 1 to 75
    Finding The Square of Number from 75 to 125
    Finding The Square Number from 125 to So on..
    Finding the Square with Secondary Bases of 150, 250, 350 and so on
  • Square Root of a Number
    Square Root / Vargamfala / Vargamul of a Number
  • Cubes (Ghan) of a Number
    Computing cubes of 2-digit Numbers
    Computing cubes of 3-digit Numbers
    Computing the fourth power of 2-digit Numbers
  • Cube Roots (Ghanmul) of a Number
    Cube Roots (Ghanmul) of a Number
  • Duplex or Dwandwa
    All About Duplex or Dwandwa
  • Number Splitting
    Addition by using Number Splitting
    Subtraction by using Number Splitting
    Multiplication by using Number Splitting
    Division by using Number Splitting
  • Vedic Check System ( Navasesh/ Beejank or Digital Root)
    Computation of Digital Roots / Remainder / Navasesh/ Beejank
    Nine Point Circle
  • Answer Check with Digit Sum
    Limitation in the verification process
    Computation of the Quotient on Division by 9
    Digit Sum of Perfect Square
  • S.I Unit conversion
    Introduction with S.I Unit conversion
    Kilo to Pounds
    Fahrenheit to Celsius
    Kilometre to Miles
    Addition of Time
    Decimals Equivalents of Fractions
  • Introduction of Basic Geometrical Ideas
    Description of Practical Geometry
    Understanding Elementary Shapes
  • Vedic Geometrical Proof (Theorem)
    Pythagoras Theorem Proof Using Vedic Maths
    Apollonius Theorem
    Vedic Proof of Pi
  • Trigonometry
    Concept of Triplet
    Computing Trigonometric Ratios
    Computing Trigonometric Ratios of Twice the Angle
    Computing Trigonometric Ratios of Half the Angle
  • Rule of Divisibility
    Divisibility of Any Number with a Common Number
  • Rule of Osculator
    What is Osculator and Types of Osculator
    Method to check the Divisibility of any Number.
  • Mental Reasoning Exercises
    Why it’s Important
    Simple Mental Reasoning Exercises
    Advance Reasoning Exercises
  • Puzzles
    Maths Puzzle
    Puzzles to Puzzle you Basic
    Puzzles to Puzzle you advance

Additional information

Course Title:

Vedic Maths Teachers Training Program


Prince Jha

Course Duration:

4 to 5 Month Approximately

Course Format:

Assignments, Practice Sheets, Quizzes, Quizzes,, Text Lesson, Video lectures


English, Hindi

Skill Level:

Beginner to Advanced




Basic Math like Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction

Course Start:


Access Period:

One Year Access

Interactive Quizzes:


Discussion Forum:


Support Options:

Email, Live Chat, Phone


Laptop, Mobile and Tablets, Online

Ratings and Reviews:

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on user reviews)

Additional Resources:

Articles and eBooks, Course Materials, Doubt Session


Early bird discount available.

4 reviews for Vedic Maths Teachers Training Program

  1. Joydev Ghosh

    I had the privilege of attending the Vedic Math School workshop, and I can’t express how valuable and captivating the content was. The day was filled with insightful information that not only proved to be useful but also kept me thoroughly engaged. A definite 5 out of 5 from me!

  2. Pratyush Mandal

    Very good, but the One Day workshop is a very short time to learn, I want to go with the Vedic Math Complete course. I felt completely at ease in the entire workshop, and that contributed to a fantastic learning experience. I’m absolutely rate High.

  3. Tanmoy Bagchi T

    Attending the Vedic Math School workshop was an enlightening experience. The content of the day was not only useful but incredibly interesting. I truly appreciate the effort put into making the workshop so engaging. I give it a solid 5 out of 5!

  4. Babli Agrawal

    I would like to share my wonderful experience with Vedic Math School. Initially, I was apprehensive due to the multitude of options available, making it challenging to choose the right one. However, I must say that Mr. Prince Jha has been a great mentor. He has effectively addressed all my doubts. Additionally, the availability of recording options and practice sets has proven to be a significant advantage for me, especially as a working professional. This feature has greatly assisted me in revising and clearing my doubts with ease.

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