Abacus Complete Course for Beginners

Our Abacus Complete Course for Beginners is based on the ancient Japanese Technique. Abacus Mathematics is Easy and This course is for All.

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The efficacy results and Knowledge gained through Abacus training will be impressive, but It’s also essential for the students to thoroughly go through all course levels.

After completing the course, students know the Concept and Use of the Abacus. Still, the fundamentals of learning to practice them effectively are vital, aside from the Skills, Knowledge, and dedication that are the responsibility of Our Teachers.

Vedic Math School has highly distinct and precise guidelines and contents that the Students should follow. Our Quality Study Material and Practice book is in-depth, precise, and straightforward. Even if the Student themself loses track at any time, they’ll be able to revisit it.

The table below is thorough and contains the guidelines on how the Students are trained in the course given to them. The Guidelines clearly define what must be completed in what order, when, and for what time.

Vedic Math School has not only created the most effective of abacus courses, that is, international standard Course materials, but we also have focused attention on the necessity of developing students to become Abacus students first and then to use the concept to improve in their academics and get the most effective outcomes.

The Vedic Math School, Primary aim is to “Make Math Easy” for each student class. We are a leading organization known for developing, researching, and training Vedic Mathematics. From the Last Couple of Years, we started Abacus Training As well.

Our course is based on the ancient Abacus Technique, which the Japanese have used for centuries. In this course, you will get Introduced to the Abacus and its way of solving mathematical questions. The course has been designed so that anyone can grab and learn from it, be it a small child or an adult. Various tips and tricks have been discussed in the course to make math fun.

What you will Learn

  • You will get to know what Abacus is.
  • You will know the difference between Vedic Math and Abacus.
  • By the end of the session, you would be eager to solve more of these mathematical problems.
  • By the end of each topic, you will get a good grasp of the modules that have been taught in this course.
  • Your calculation speed will be increased.
  • Have Fun with Math! Get rid of your math phobia.


  • You should be aware of the essential mathematical operations like Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, etc.
  • Have good learning and understanding skills.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • For All Who are struggling with Mathematics.
  • To All Mathematics Teachers who are trying to make their class more interactive.
  • Students studying above 7th Grade should not take this course; try Our Vedic Math courses Instead.

Why Should You Attend this Course?

  • This course introduces and Designs a step-by-step guide for Quick math calculation. This course will cover tips and tricks of faster math calculation using ancient Abacus techniques.
  • This Course Covers Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, etc. All the topics have been discussed in detail from the beginner level.
  • The course is designed to optimize your learning experience. Hence Syllabus contains Different Lessons, Topics, quizzes, Questions, and assignments that provide you maximum value from the course.

Miscellaneous Activities

  • Speed Writing: Writing without looking at what is being written.
  • Image Flash: Show Sliding Image as fast as possible to develop image recognition memory.
  • Fingering Practice: Practice Finger Movement on Abacus. fingering exercises based on formulae to register formulae in students’ minds and to make a habit of finger use.
  • Oral Sums Practice: To Improve Listening skills in children to increase the speed of working out the sums and to get accuracy in sums at great speed.
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Course Includes

  • 19 Lessons